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Be Prepared – Plan Ahead

Life can be unpredictable, so having a plan and a willingness to be flexible can be the keys to survival. Yes, there are times when it’s important to live in the moment, but being prepared allows those moments to be even more memorable.

Having a plan or at least a rough outline, especially for long-term things, keeps life more fluid, even when you run into obstacles. This can apply to everything from your chores to your retirement, or in my Son’s case, his homework.

Be Prepared

Some people work best under pressure, but living your life that way is not healthy. And when it comes to schoolwork, can reflect poorly on the end product, which in turn will hurt your grade.

Another piece of the “be prepared” puzzle is time management, which is one area my Son can struggle, especially when it comes to long-term projects. The whole concept of taking advantage of free time to get ahead doesn’t even enter his mind. When the work that’s due tomorrow is done, it’s time to play. This is not just poor planning; it’s just not smart when larger projects are looming on the horizon.

I constantly remind my Son that even though there might be an extended period of time to complete a project, in that time, other things can get in the way of completing the task successfully. So, when one has time, one should get a head start on said project. Or, at least plan out a certain amount of time daily dedicated to the project, not just wait till the night before it’s due.

18818008 - vintage conceptual illustration of time is running out

This is something I feel my Son isn’t completely grasping, although his recent comment in regards to how his English teacher has structured their term paper writing process makes me believe it’s starting to sink in. He noted that he feels the teacher is having them compose the paper a paragraph at a time as homework because if not the bulk of the students would put it off until the night before it was due.

I almost fell off my chair. Does this mean he would not have been one of those procrastinators?

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Fear of the Unknown

We all experience fear in some way throughout our lives. It’s a normal human emotion. With every stage or rite of passage in our lives, apprehension can set in, it’s all part of the growth process.

As children our fears tend to be simple and easily eased by an adult. As we age though, the things that make us pause become a bit more serious. These are the things that are tied directly to our future.


A wrong decision could change the course of our lives forever, which is why I completely understand my Son’s apprehension when it comes to driving.

By our teens, fear of the unknown can be extremely polarizing, preventing us from moving forward and possibly stunting our emotional health. To be honest, polarization can happen at any age, and again, we’ve all probably experienced some level of it at some point in our lives. As a parent though, it’s my job to help guide my Son through these polarizing experiences so he can move forward.

The question is how to do this without seeming pushy or prying?

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Zombie Apocalypse vs Freshman Year in High School

With the start of my son’s freshman year in high school this month, I couldn’t help but wonder which is easier to survive, a zombie apocalypse or freshman year in high school? Looking back at my son’s three years in middle school, especially his sixth grade year and the end of eighth grade, I would have to choose the zombies over freshman year. At least they are a bit more predictable. Devouring you from head to toe is their only goal, not slowly driving you to the brink of insanity. (Although, the isolation of the apocalypse certainly did just that to Morgan, but that’s a whole other subject.) Plus, one good shot to the head and you’re done with them. It’s not that simple with your teenager. Granted, dealing with a horde of zombies would be more than frightening and overwhelming, but, having chaperoned band trips, I can confess, so can a bus load of teenagers.

The Prison Gang

The Prison Gang

As I have learned from watching “The Walking Dead,” the key to survival during the zombie apocalypse is perseverance and preparedness. Don’t quit, give up or give in, is their modus operandi. Preparedness not only involves having the right supplies and weapons, but enough sense and skill to thwart off any dangerous situation before it overcomes you. And in this show, the humans can pose more of a threat than the walkers, so, common sense, instincts and skill can sometimes trump the weapons. A prime example of this is how the gang at the prison outwitted the Governor and his army during their second attack on the prison. The prison gang knew they didn’t have the people or weapons to out battle the Governor’s army, so they used a smoke screen, literally and figuratively, to make them believe they had given up and left the prison, which lured the Governor’s army into the tombs, where walkers and explosions were waiting. This spooked the army and they ran back out, where they were ambushed by the small prison gang as they exited. The prison gang refused to give up or in and used the resources they had, both wits and weapons, to overcome those threatening the sanctuary they had worked so hard to attain.

I’d have to say the same can be said for facing freshman year in high school. Although there have been many times when my perseverance has been tested over the years, giving up was never an option. My son on the other hand, is constantly willing to throw in the towel when the going gets tough, (yup, he’d be walker bait for sure) which is why I worry with every new challenge. He definitely has a bit of a doomsday mentality, which sometimes presents more of a challenge than the challenge itself. When he triggers, I have to pull him off the precipice of the walker pit and show him how unrealistic his thought process is. Generally this settles him down, but, by this point we’re both worn out by the process. I had hoped the glimmers of maturity that I witnessed through middle school were a sign that this would subside. Although it has a little, when it does flare, it’s worse than before because now his teenage hormones are raging. So, knowing I may be up against a walker bait mindset, I try to look for the signs when his “quit, give up and give in” attitude is triggering. This is the instinctive part of my preparedness, which at times has been my life saver. Read the rest of this entry »

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