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Tying Up Loose Ends

By the time I post this my Son and I will have completed the gauntlet that was hell week. The week leading up to the band trip to Orlando. 

The reason I’m calling this hell week is because there is something every night leading up to our Friday flight to Florida.

Monday night is parade rehearsal along with an after school orchestra rehearsal, Tuesday is a mandatory meeting about the trip, Wednesday is Spring concert rehearsal and Thursday is the Spring concert, after which uniforms and instruments will be collected so they can be transported to Florida via truck.

Full Calendar

Thank goodness they are not squeezing in luggage collection prior to our departure. I was worried about that. Two years ago luggage collection was the day before, but we left on a Sunday. The process has been simplified, with the students bringing their luggage with them the morning they leave. Of course they have to be at the school at the ungodly hour of 3:30AM, but at least they can sleep on the bus to the airport and plane.

My Son and I could have bowed out of this trip, and we did come close, but being his Senior year, we both figured it would be a great way to end his high school marching band experience. 

Knowing now that my Son won’t be attending a college that has a marching band I am grateful we did. (His college of choice offers pep band, jazz ensemble and symphonic band, so he will continue to play, he just won’t be marching.)

Looking Back

This trip truly plays into the “year of lasts” which I wrote about at the beginning of band camp in August. At this point, we have checked off quite a few “lasts” already (last band camp, last football season, last winter concert, etc.. ) and in all honesty as we draw closer to my Son’s graduation we most certainly feel like we are tying up loose ends.

Kind of funny “The Walking Dead” has done the same thing. Capping off Season 8 with the final battle between Negan and the Saviors, and Rick and company, with Rick’s gang winning, thus opening the door for a new beginning at the start of Season 9. Just as my Son and I will face a new beginning when he heads off to college in August.

Quite the nice parallel for the final months of this blog. Thank you TWD.

TWD Finale

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Be Prepared – Plan Ahead

Life can be unpredictable, so having a plan and a willingness to be flexible can be the keys to survival. Yes, there are times when it’s important to live in the moment, but being prepared allows those moments to be even more memorable.

Having a plan or at least a rough outline, especially for long-term things, keeps life more fluid, even when you run into obstacles. This can apply to everything from your chores to your retirement, or in my Son’s case, his homework.

Be Prepared

Some people work best under pressure, but living your life that way is not healthy. And when it comes to schoolwork, can reflect poorly on the end product, which in turn will hurt your grade.

Another piece of the “be prepared” puzzle is time management, which is one area my Son can struggle, especially when it comes to long-term projects. The whole concept of taking advantage of free time to get ahead doesn’t even enter his mind. When the work that’s due tomorrow is done, it’s time to play. This is not just poor planning; it’s just not smart when larger projects are looming on the horizon.

I constantly remind my Son that even though there might be an extended period of time to complete a project, in that time, other things can get in the way of completing the task successfully. So, when one has time, one should get a head start on said project. Or, at least plan out a certain amount of time daily dedicated to the project, not just wait till the night before it’s due.

18818008 - vintage conceptual illustration of time is running out

This is something I feel my Son isn’t completely grasping, although his recent comment in regards to how his English teacher has structured their term paper writing process makes me believe it’s starting to sink in. He noted that he feels the teacher is having them compose the paper a paragraph at a time as homework because if not the bulk of the students would put it off until the night before it was due.

I almost fell off my chair. Does this mean he would not have been one of those procrastinators?

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Time is a Walker

Why is it, the older I get, time just seems to fly by at the blink of an eye? And this time of year it feels like it’s moving at warp speed and all the things that need to get done are speeding by like a big blur.

16065826 - time space

My “To Do” list changes hourly, not daily, as I cross tasks off and revise. Tackling tasks based on due dates, like if it needs to get shipped, when is the latest date I can ship and still have the package arrive in time for Christmas.

Since my Son hit high school and is part of the marching band, my free time is even more limited during the football season. If the team makes the playoffs, which it has every year, the time I have to accomplish holiday tasks is seriously compromised. Add to it my hospital stay the beginning of November (see my post Dealing with Sudden and Unexpected Change https://wakingthewalker.wordpress.com/2016/11/27/dealing-with-sudden-and-unexpected-change/) which ate up the last of my vacation days and I’m more than strapped. Forced to only having weekends to get the big tasks done was been daunting.

Early in the month, as I contemplated all I needed to accomplish before Christmas Day arrived, I realized it felt like a horde of Walkers, adorned in ratty, blood and guts covered, extremely ugly holiday sweaters, was chasing me down. I didn’t have a tank to climb in, Daryl to swoosh in on his bike to rescue me, a walker guts poncho to mask my smell or a dumpster to crawl under. It was just me, armed with my list and the Walkers were getting closer no matter how fast I moved.


Even the best time juggling, multi-taskers can fumble and look like Andrea handling a gun for the first time. The safety is on and the Walkers have broken through the front doors. It’s time to panic, OR get resourceful and creative, just as the gang on “The Walking Dead” does when they are pinned into a corner.


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