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Surviving the IN-BETWEEN Time

As of late I am feeling more and more as if I’m living in a state of limbo. A limbo caused by what I refer to as my Son’s “IN-BETWEEN” stage, the time between preparing for college and actually going to college. It’s kind of an amplified level of the tweens and in all honesty worse than the tweens.

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My Son wants to be independent, but at the same time, in some instances, continues to hang on to Mommies’ apron strings. He keeps me at arms length. Doesn’t want Mom involved, but needs to know she’s close by, just in case.

He’s OK with me being his alarm clock in the morning, but can’t handle when I get on him to speed things up so he doesn’t miss the bus.

He’s OK with me reminding him he needs gym clothes on gym days, but can’t stand when I remind him about college prep stuff that is due.

He’s willing to share the loft space with me, which is my office, to do his homework, but doesn’t want to hear my suggestions on how to work more efficiently.

Plus, he can get ornery when I’m at my computer for an extended period of time while he’s doing his homework. He thinks I’m spying on him, not actually working. Trust me I’m not, but it doesn’t help that he acts very suspicious more often than not.

Note, it was his decision to move his laptop from his room to the loft in an effort to combat his Internet wandering while doing homework. He felt if he were out in the open he’d be less tempted to roam.  SO, he wants me to be able to see what he’s doing, but he doesn’t want me to say anything when I catch him wandering.

Can I bang my head against a wall now?

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Waking a Walker is an Evolution

Like most kids, when my son was “little” he couldn’t wait to be “grown-up,” but the closer he gets to turning 18, the further he seems to regress at times. Not that 18 is really “grown-up,” but it’s a major turning point in all our lives, the completion of one cycle and start of a new one. It is most definitely scary and exhilarating at the same time. Playing Dress-Up

My son cautiously tiptoes around the whole idea of high school graduation and starting college. As a matter of fact, having just turned 16, he’s not even in any hurry to learn to drive. I do however think some of this is due to all the horrific videos they show in Drivers Ed. He is definitely fearful of getting behind the wheel, which in all honesty I am grateful for.  It’s a huge responsibility and takes a lot of focus, both of which my “walker” can struggle with at times. Although, to his credit, so far this school year (knock on wood) he’s doing well at keeping up with his work and getting good grades. And after the endless marching band season this was not always that easy.

We have touched on the subject of college and a major, but it has never been as serious a subject as it will be from this point forward. Not only does registration for classes for his Junior year need to be dealt with this month, but his first official meeting with CAP of PA College Aid, specialists in college planning, is later this month. This is the real deal and will start the process leading to the inevitable cross roads he is trying so hard to avoid.

Life just got real scary. The walkers are circling the house and it’s time to go on the offense if we want to survive.

Walkers Circling House

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Walking Among the Walkers

With the end of the regular football/marching band season the beginning of this month, I’ve been thinking about how valuable the experience of chaperoning 260 teenagers really is, particularly for a single Mom. I have truly been “walking among the walkers” for weeks now, and will continue to as long as the playoffs go. The funny thing is, I have for the most part gone unnoticed, kind of like when Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Glenn Rhee (Steven Yuen) from “The Walking Dead” cover themselves in “walker guts” so they can go unnoticed in a horde of walkers in hopes of getting to a vehicle so they can escape the overridden city of Atlanta. Carol (Melissa McBride) does the same thing so she can mingle with walkers to get into Terminus in order to free Rick and his gang in the Season Five opener. The stunt worked in both cases and for the most part works for me too.Glenn and Rick, walker guts

Granted, I’m not covered in “sweaty teenager stink” but because these kids hormone riddled brains keep them stuck in their own worlds, they are oblivious to parent chaperones standing right next to them. That is until you catch them saying or doing something inappropriate and you make yourself visible, then, all it takes is the look and they know they’re being watched. At least when they become aware of your presence, they don’t chase you down and try to make you dinner like a walker would.

Remaining anonymous aids me in getting into the psyche of the teenage “aka walker” brain and reminds me I was once a walker too and I would never want to go back to High School. It’s allowed me to step outside of my role as my son’s Mother and try to look with empathy at the plight of a high school student. The world today is vastly different than my high school years and there are plenty more pressures put on kids today. Not just from the teachers but from parents, like me. Teen Horde

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